Melawi District


Melawi, West Kalimantan

Project Operator

Sangga Utama Alam Raya (SUAR)

Total Area

10,510 ha

The Community-Based Forest Management Project (PAHAM) is located in three villages in Melawi district, West Kalimantan Province and has obtained its Village Forest management permit from the Ministry of Environment and Forestry. The three villages are Nusa Kenyikap Village in Belimbing Sub-District, Piawas and Balai Agas villages in Belimbing Hulu Sub-District, Melawi District of West Kalimantan Province. The total areas of the three Village Forests is 12,047 hectares. Without effective protection, the village forest would be exposed to various threats such as farming expansion, wildlife hunting, risk of fires and the utilization of unsustainable timber and non-timber forest products.

Project background

The three villages have successfully obtained permits for village forest management since 2019. Despite having permits in place, systematic efforts for sustainable village forest management have not been executed. Therefore, it is imperative to strengthen the capacity of Local Village Forest Management Institutions (LPHDs) to ensure sustainable forest management, particularly for areas secured with social forestry permits. Furthermore, enhancing the capacity of community members is recognized as another key strategy to prevent deforestation and forest degradation in the project areas as well as delivering Ecosystem Services Outcomes (ESOs).  

Location & Total Area 

The project site comprises three Village Forest licenses in Melawi District. The area includes a combination of primary and secondary dryland forest, shrub, and open land. According to Lestari Capital’s analysis based on historical deforestation using Landcover data from the Ministry of Environment and Forestry Indonesia, over the last 10 years, the deforestation rate within the three village forests was 0.68% per year. There has been no forest regeneration during this period.   

What is special about this project 

The project aims to facilitate and support the development and implementation of conservation activities. A significant aspect of the project involves the restoration of over 4000 hectares of forest. The project will support the development of Social Forestry Business Groups (KUPS) and Village Forest Management Institutions (LPHD) to strengthen forest management and governance.   

How we add value to this project 

SUAR, supported by the Rimba Collective, highlights community-based forest management over a 25-year period in Nusa Kenyikap, Balai Agas, and Piawas Villages. The objective is to strengthen forest management with the overarching goal of reducing deforestation, preventing forest degradation, and improving ecosystem outcomes. The expected outcomes include:  

  • Sustainable village forest management is implemented  
  • Forest areas are protected from fires  
  • Forest cover in the Village Forest area is increased  
  • Develop sustainable livelihoods for villagers  


  • Sangga Utama Alam Raya (SUAR)

    SUAR was established in 2005, and was previously known as SUAR Institute or Ins, a local Civil Society Organisation based in Nanga Pinoh, Melawi district. Since its establishment, SUAR conducts activities centred on community development, natural resource management, and sustainable development initiatives. SUAR’s goal encapsulates environmental conservation, sustainable natural resource management, and human resource development through education, training, and organising political economy to achieve an independent and prosperous society.

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