Collective action to deliver individual corporate sustainability commitments

The Rimba Collective is a collaboration of leading consumer goods manufacturers connected to the agricultural commodities industry, starting with the palm oil sector. By coming together, each company can deliver on its individual corporate sustainability objectives over the long term and at scale, protecting and restoring natural landscapes, and supporting people’s livelihoods.

We are at the forefront of a movement leading the transformation to sustainable economies through programmes that protect and restore natural landscapes and support local communities. Through our unique finance model and robust verification approach, we equitably link high-quality, credible ecosystem outcomes to the scale of companies’ contributions and their procurement of natural commodities, such as palm oil.

In our first year of full operations, we brought 73,000 ha of forest conservation projects into the Rimba Collective, and we aim to protect and restore 200,000 hectares of landscape by the end of 2023. Our long-term goal is to protect and restore 500,000 hectares of forest and support 32,000 people in forest communities in Southeast Asia over 30 years.

'To keep ambitious climate goals alive, humankind needs not only to stop declines in biodiversity but also reverse them. Our approach means acting to protect and restore forests and strengthen the rights of forest-frontier communities. The Rimba Collective delivers large-scale, long-term solutions that benefit biodiversity and improve people’s livelihoods.'

Mike Zrust

Founder and CEO, Lestari Capital

Supporting business to deliver for nature and communities
AIM: $1 billion of private sector investment

AIM: 500,000 ha protected and restored

AIM: 32,000 people's livelihoods improved

AIM: 30-year long-term plan


The Rimba Collective creates solutions that support businesses and benefits nature and communities over the long term. In an industry first, we are sharing responsibility by linking our purchase of agricultural commodities, such as palm oil, to partner contributions and conservation outcomes. Hover over the logos for more about our partners.

As of February 2023, of the 72,932 hectares under protection or restoration, Nestle has supported 21,738 hectares

As of February 2023, of the 72,932  hectares under protection or restoration, PepsiCo has supported 6,617 hectares

As of February 2023, of the 72,932  hectares under protection or restoration, P&G has supported 17,825 hectares

As of February 2023, of the 72,932  hectares under protection or restoration, Unilever, via its brands, has supported 26,750 hectares

The Rimba Collective is built around a unique, innovative and scalable financial mechanism that embeds forest conservation finance in the day-to-day business of procuring raw materials.
  1. Rimba Collective partners contribute funds to the finance mechanism, proportional to their use of an agricultural commodity such as palm oil
  2. Experts in conservation work with local communities to identify and implement long-term projects that benefit people and nature
  3. The projects receive funding via the mechanism in exchange for certified ecosystem outcomes
  4. Rimba Collective partners can use the outcomes to claim towards their sustainability objectives in proportion to what they have contributed

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Achieving the scale markets and commitments demand

Accelerating the transformation of supply chain finance

Cost-sharing and greater efficiencies

De-risking of finance and delivery

Latest News

PepsiCo is proud to be a founding member of Rimba Collective. The work of Rimba Collective in bringing together the full supply chain to work on our shared responsibility for conservation and restoration is essential to build a sustainable future aligned with our PepsiCo Positive vision.

Reuben Blackie

Manager, Sustainable Agriculture (APAC and AMESA) at PepsiCo

Addressing deforestation in supply chains is not enough. We must also use business actions to actively conserve & restore forests while promoting sustainable livelihoods & respecting human rights. Rimba Collective enables us to proactively protect & restore critical ecosystems in our sourcing regions.

Emily Kunen

Global Sustainable Sourcing Leader, Palm Oil at Nestlé

P&G is committed to being a force for good for ecosystems and communities. Delivering ambitious goals needs leadership and partnership. We're excited to be founding members of the Rimba Collective, driving community and NGO-led outcomes.

Girish Deshpande

Sustainability Director at Procter & Gamble

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